Friday, August 17, 2012

Rules and Consequences


The rules and consequences for my classroom are determined partially by the school (the first 3 are school-wide) and my grade level team.  Here are the rules.

For consequences, we use a color coded card system.  The students progress through the colors and there's a consequence tied to each one.

A.C. stands for Alternative Classroom.  It's another place where students calm down and process with a counselor before returning to class.

I don't have pictures of my cards, but they're really nothing fancy.  Just a pocket chart--I used an old calendar one I had.  Each pocket has the 5 card colors listed above and the child's classroom number on it.  When the child is told to "pull a card" he or she takes the top color out and puts it into a container.  I used to have them move the card to the back of their stack, but found it easier and faster for me to record with things being moved to a container instead.

What are the rules and consequences in your classroom?

I'm hoping this made sense tonight.  My head has been spinning all day long.  So much to do!


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  1. It isn't "classroom" but we got Ethan used to "two Rules" (signified by two fingers) - *listen* and *mind.* Now if he's getting a little crazy, all I have to do is hold up two fingers and ask, "What are the two things?" :)
    (For those who don't know me, Ethan is my grandson, now 5 years old and just started kindergarten.)


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