Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bulletin Boards, part deux.


I didn't have much time at school today because I was busy with contractors for my kitchen.  I signed the contract today and picked out cabinet stuff.

The first picture is my super improver wall cards hung up.  I don't make the name cards until the day before school because in my school the class lists change a zillion times before school starts.

The color codes go with student stars.  They earn a star sticker every time they improve.  After they get 10 stars they move up to the next level.  So they all start at TV Viewer.  Their star is white.  They earn sticker stars.  When they have 10 stickers on their white star, they get a pink one and they are now Movie Goers.  When they get 10 stars, they'll go to gray and be Extras.
The second picture is of my half-finished bulletin boards.  These are the ones that I was complaining about yesterday because they raised them too high.

The Left word wall was made by one of the teachers in my school.  On the right there will be two sections.  One will be sight words, the other one might be student work.  I'm not sure.  As you can see, my room still isn't quite organized completely.
The word wall will go with my vocabulary cards.  Black is for Starter Words (the, a, an, first, next, etc.).  Orange is adjectives.  Red is Nouns.  Green is Verbs.  And blue is Tagalongs, which are prepositional phrases and time words.  You can get my vocabulary cards for free by following the link above and clicking on the files you want.

Tomorrow I have professional development, so might not post.  We'll see.

Oh, and I'm trying to get my blog button to work.  Thanks to Jennie for helping me test it out.  If anyone sees what's wrong with it or gets it to work, please let me know.



  1. Commented on the original post about the button, but I got it to work and I emailed you the code that worked for me. You can see that it worked at http://mouseandhome.blogspot.com/p/friends-of-mouse-and-home.html (although it's not snapped to center--that's a setting at my end I need to fiddle with.)

    I love the bulletin board and color coding for the vocabulary words. And the improvement chart is neat, too!!

    1. Okay, I ran it through an HTML code tester and it seems to be working now. *whew*. Thanks for all your help.

      The color coding is part of the writing program I'm required to teach. I think it's a good idea, but it sure is a lot of work!

      I like the improver wall because the high kids have to improve instead of float, and the low kids can get positives for making progress even if they are way behind.

      Thanks again for your help with the button.

  2. How did you make your super improver wall? What font and background design did you use? Looks wonderful!

  3. Hi Sunny,

    The lettering is an alphabet set you can get at letteringdelights.com. It's a freebie, but I think you have to sign up for it. It's called "Kinder Art." To get the background colors, I made a table in power point, and made each cell a different background color. Then pasted the words over the top of that.


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  5. Hi there. Great idea for the levels! I've just adapted these slightly for my classroom this year:
    TV Viewer
    Movie goer
    Background extra
    Speaking extra
    Minor role
    Lead part
    B list celebrity
    A list celebrity
    Award winner
    Mega superstar

    Thanks again for the idea.


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