Monday, July 30, 2012

Unplanned Busy Day

Hi all,

I had intended to do so much on my computer and blog today.  None of it happened.

First of all, I was completely honored to do a guest post today at Learning is Something to Treasure.  Head over there to get some ideas on keeping students engaged and getting multiple responses.  I think I came up with quite a list, and if you have other ideas, please comment and share!

So what happened to throw  me off today?  I had intended to go into the school to laminate about 45 pages of common core I can statements.  While I was there, I decided to try and print the vocabulary cards I've been working on all summer.  Great idea.  Poor execution.  I got the verbs to print just fine.  Nothing else would print.  I tried 3 different printers and reset them in many ways.  I finally gave up in defeat.  Thankfully, my principal let me go to Fed Ex.  So they'll be printed by tomorrow.

I laminated the verbs that printed, and worked on some other various computer issues.  I put magnets on the back of my common core posters from Deanna Jump so they can hang on my white board.  Here's one of them.
The "math" page is inside a sheet protector.  I'll slide the smaller standard I Can statements in as needed. 
I left the school around 5:30...I arrived shortly after 10:00.  I decided it was time to invest in a paper cutter, so I went to Michaels and bought one.  I spent much of the night cutting out the above I can statements.  My cat helped too....she helped me decide it was time to quit since I couldn't get to the rest of my pile.
My cat "helping" me with my newly laminated cards.

I'm hoping to get the vocabulary cards all finished and up on tpt in the next couple of days.  Please drop by and read my guest post over on Learning is Something to Treasure and while you're at it, enter to win her 650 follower give away.

Friday, July 27, 2012

2 Week Panic, Numbers, and Kitchen Counters

2 Week Panic

I just realized yesterday that I only have 2 more weeks of summer vacation.  Where did the time go?  I still have a lot left to do.  I moved classrooms during the summer and still haven't figured out bulletin boards.  It's one of those things I'm not good at and it's making me a little crazy.  I still need to finish the massive vocabulary word wall files I've been working on since May.  Oh, and have I mentioned lately that I'm about to get my kitchen remodeled?  (Yeah, I'm just a bit excited about that.  Can't wait for it to be done.)


My first graders have always  had a tough time reading number words.  So last year as part of my calendar math I added number words.  We sang a song for each number 1-10.  Every one of them could read and spell the number words at the end of the year.  Since my makeshift idea worked, I decided to do a prettier version for my calendar math wall this year.  

I'm using cut off bottoms of sheet protectors to hold the papers.  We'll see if they hold up well since I've never tried using them this way before.  In the past, I had them on rings and hung them from thumb tacks.  Here's a picture of the stuff I've made.

I should have changed the numbers like a real display for the pictures.  Pretend it's the 125th day of school.  the top would say 100+20+5=, under that it would read: one hundred twenty five, and of course the hundreds/tens/ones would say 125.  The seasons off to the side stay up all year and I use a clothes pin that says "the season now is" to clip onto the current season.

Kitchen Counters

Besides running over to the school to laminate the above stuff and copy some other stuff, I went clear across town to the place that sells granite slabs.  I picked out some that I might decide from.  This is very preliminary though, I'm not even completely sure about using granite.  Here are the ones I brought selections home for.

It's hard to really decide much yet since I haven't selected wood for the cabinets yet either.  

That's it for today!  Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Award!

Hi all,

My non-school, non-internet life is interfering with my blogging time!  This is going to be a short one.  I want to thank Christine from Tales From Room 17 for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award!  Isn't it pretty?

The rules of the award are:
1.  Thank the blogger who gave you the award (thanks again, Christine!)
2.  Include a link to their site.  (see above)
3.  Include the award image in your post (see above again)
4.  Give 7 random facts about yourself (see below)
5.  Nominate 5-10 other bloggers, include their link, and let them know.  (this one will happen later when I have enough time to figure out which bloggers out there don't already have this award.)

7 Random Facts:
1.  My name rhymes with "oh well" or "noel"
2.  I was bucked off a horse and broke one of my vertebrae when I was in my 20s.
3.  I love tech gadgets and have to fight the compulsion to keep buying more of them.
4.  My car is a very sensible Toyota, Camry.
5.  One of my goals in life is to visit all 50 states.  I'm a little over half way.
6.  Ever since my master's degree, I don't like to read anything other than a simple novel.
7.  I used to be fluent in American Sign Language and work as an interpreter for the School for the Deaf.

I'll get you a list of the 5-10 awardees soon.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Look!

A special thank you to Leelou blogs for my new look.  This is a free template from them.  Since I'm on a tight budget with my upcoming kitchen remodel, I can't afford to have someone design me something cute.  Once I do have the money, I will definitely be seeing them for a custom design.

I have contractors meeting with me the next 2 days, so I might be scarce in the blogosphere.  


My First Blog Award

Hi all,

I got my first blog award.  Here it is:
Special thanks to Adventures in Mrs. Martin's Room for giving me this award.  She has a nice site, I especially like her back to school tortoise post, so go check it out.

So the rules for this award are:

This award highlights blogs that have under 200 followers.Here are the rules:1. Copy and paste this award on your blog.2. Thank the giver and link back to them.3. Reveal 5 other bloggers and let them know by commenting on their blog.

Here are the 5 I'm awarding this award to:
Angie at The First Grade Scoop
Jenny at Owl Things First
Tammy at Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis
Jenna at Miss Fuerst's Reading Adventures
Kristin at Teaching in a Nutshell

Congratulations you 5!

Now, I have to figure out how to add the award to the side of my blog.  :)


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Freebie and another link up.

Hi all,

I had a bad case of the lazies today.  So instead of cleaning like crazy in preparation for contractors to come and bid on my kitchen remodel, I sat and worked on the computer.

I'm doing an "I'm finished" binder this year, and one of the pages I'm going to put in there is a number of the day.  So, rather than using any of the wonderful ones already out there, I developed my very own.  It's in my tpt store for free right here.  If you download this, please take the time to leave a comment and rate it.

I'm also joining the newbie blogger blog hop.  Thanks to Janis at gr3istheplace4me for setting this one up.  See below for the rules.

1.  What state you are in.
2. Your current teaching position.
3. Your teaching experience.
4. When you started blogging.
5. Share a blogging tip/resource.

1.  I'm in Utah.
2.  I teach 1st grade.
3.  I've taught 1st grade for 18 years.
4.  I started blogging in March
5.  I'm going to self-promote a bit here and say I'm building a pinterest board fonts, clip art, and blog tips.  You can find it here.

Finally, I've been given my first blog award!  I will be posting about it as soon as I can find the time to follow the directions.


Friday, July 20, 2012

The First Day of School

The above graphic is

The first day of school is approaching faster than I'd like this year.  This is always a very stressful day for teachers, students and parents alike.  This year will be different for me, because we're meeting the parents and teachers before school starts, so I'm hoping I can lay down some ground rules for the first day of school including the parents saying goodbye outside.  I don't have any idea if it will work, or if the kids and parents will even show up for these before-school conferences.

In past years, the beginning of the first day has been chaotic.  Here's the procedures that I've used the last few years.

  • Students enter the room (with or without parents).  They choose their name tag which is placed on a table inside the door.  They're directed to hang up their back packs and put their lunches away.  Then to find a desk with crayons on it.  I hand them a hidden object picture and send them to their desks.
  • We used to have parent-teacher conferences the 2nd or 3rd week of September, so I'd hand parents a clip board with a schedule on it so they can sign up for a time.
  • I have a clip board with student names and check in information.  This includes what kind of lunch the kid is having, and how the student is to get home.
  • In the craziness, I always fear I'll forget to tell a parent something important--like where to pick up their child, or what time school gets out, etc.  So I always prepare a short note with information about the end of the first day, and what to do at the beginning of the next day.
  • Once I get the parents out the door, I call the students over to the floor and we talk about first day feelings.  I usually read a book, either First day Jitters, or Morris Goes to School.
  • After that, there's the usual stuff:  tours, getting to know you stuff, setting up rules/expectations, and yes, I do some informal assessments (Write all the letters you know.  If you have time and know some words, write those too>)  
  • One other favorite activity is reading The Kissing Hand.  Afterward, I have the students trace their own hands, cut out their hand print, and then I give them a heart sticker to put on it.  This is a really interesting pre-assessment, too.  
Do you have special activities you do the first day of school?  How do you deal with the beginning of the day chaos?  Teach123 is having a linky party, so please link up and share your thoughts.

click here to link up


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spreadsheets are done & student welcome

Spreadsheets on Teacherspayteachers!

I finally finished the 1st grade common core spreadsheets!   Now, I know some teachers might be afraid of spreadsheets, but these are very simple to use.

Here's a video I made to help you out if you need it.

You can find both the math and language arts versions in my tpt store.

I would suggest using my spreadsheet with some of the great assessment packs already out there on teacherspayteachers.  Here are a few on my wishlist:

The Lesson Plan Diva's math assessments
The Lesson Plan Diva's Language Arts Assessments
Jodi Southard's Math and Language Arts packets.

Back to School

I've also been working on bulletin board ideas for welcoming the students at the beginning of the year.  I got these really cute frames and got them all ready in powerpoint.  I'll be meeting with parents and students the week before school, so I'm hoping to take pictures and then put them up on the board.  Here's my template.

Aren't they cute?  

Well, that's it for today.  I hope you're enjoying your summer.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

9 Must Have iPad Apps and/or Websites for Teachers


So after my iPad classes, I've picked some of the most useful apps for teachers (in my opinion.)

1.  Three Ring. (iPad)  Right now Three Ring is free.  So what does it do?  In the app on your iPad you can take photos of written work, video of presented work, or audio recordings.  The app automatically uploads it to the website.  When you have parent/teacher conferences you can use this as an electronic portfolio of student work.  It takes a while to get it set up, but I think it's well worth it.  I e-mailed the developer and asked if there was a way to e-mail or share the portfolio besides face to face and he said they're working on it.  Here's a picture of the app on the iPad.
Select the class, student and tag.  Choose Camera, Video, Voice Record, or Choose from photos.  Click capture.  It automatically goes up to  You can then view by project, student, etc.
2. Educreations is one of many whiteboard programs for the iPad.  I like this one because you can upload what you made and e-mail or post links to it.  I made a tutorial using educreations just the other day.  You can find it here
Draw on white, or add a picture and write over the top of it.  Make it into a video.  Upload it and share.
3. Class Dojo  This one can work on a computer or on an iPad.  This is a behavior management tracker.  You can customize the behaviors and several other options.  You can give and take away student points.  Students can change their avatars, or you can.  I made it a reward if they got so many points, they could choose a new avatar.  They are continually improving their product and really listen to teacher feedback.
This is the class screen.  You just click on a student, choose a behavior and points are given or taken away.  You can also do it in groups.
4. Doceri is a whiteboard app for the iPad, but the most valuable part of it is it makes it so you can control your computer using your iPad.  Put flash games and things on your computer and have the kids play them using the iPad.  
Not just a whiteboard app.  Use Doceri to remote control your computer.  The computer must be on the same network.
5. Dropbox This is a must have for anyone who uses more than one device whether it's a computer, phone, or tablet computer.  It is a way of saving files to the cloud and being able to retrieve them from any device it's installed on.
You can organize your files into folders and update them from any device with dropbox installed.
6. Scan Use this along with the website kaywa to create qr codes with instructions or weblinks.  Copy and paste the qr code you create in kaywa and paste it to a document the kids will use.  They scan the qr code and it takes them to the information you added on kaywa.  You can also do this on newsletters to help direct parents to your web page.
Generate a QR code at kaywa, then paste it to a document.  Use the scan app to get students to information you want them to have.
7. Socrative is a way to make quizzes for your students, kind of like clickers.  You need two apps the teacher one, and the student one.  You create a quiz and students use devices to answer.  This one is mostly useful for classrooms with multiple devices.
This shows one of the reports you can get after students answer.
8. Dragon Dictation is an iPad app where students dictate into the device and it types up what they said.  This is great for ELL kids, non-writers, and entering a large amount of text into your iPad without having to type.
Easy to use.  Tap, dictate, and save the resulting text.
9. Futaba is the only game I have put on my list, though there are many and I may share more later.  This one is free, but you have to buy the upgrade to be able to make your own quizzes.  This makes your quiz into a game for up to 4 players.  It's colorful and fun and a way to get 4 students using the iPad at the same time.
Be the first student to touch the right answer and earn points in this timed game.
So there you go.  I hope this is useful for you iPad and technology lovers out there.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've over-extended myself


I've got too many projects in the air.  Does this ever happen to you?  I'm afraid I'm going to forget about something important.  And worst of all, I've neglected my blog.  Part of that is because my computer has been back to the computer hospital with a case of blue-screen-of-death-itis.  Hopefully,  it's all better now.

So, I have several projects going on that I'm going to make it my goal to finish soon:

  • My second iPad class (and 4th class of the summer) ends tomorrow.  4 semester hours accrued this summer.
  • I'm making vocabulary word wall cards for my school district.  I've been working on this one since May.  When they're done I'll post them on Tpt for free.  I'm finishing up "tag alongs" (prepositional phrases, time and place words) and have adjectives left.  I already finished nouns and verbs.  This is only the small cards.  Then I have to copy and enlarge them to make them  word wall sized.  (The small cards will go in centers.)
  • I'm working on a common core spreadsheet for first grade.  I got some feedback from some people and just need to edit it a little more and then figure out how much to charge and try selling something on tpt.  Wish me luck.  
  • I'm making "I'm finished" binders for my kids for next year.  I have stuffed over 600 pages in sheet protectors, but still need to put them in binders, and still have more papers to copy and stuff.  Boy, I hope this new thing is worth all the work and money I've put into it.
  • I'm trying to create a new job bulletin board and way of managing them.  Haven't even started on this.
  • Oh, and did I mention I'm trying to plan for and get my kitchen remodeled?  
I've hit my limit today.  I know I have because I don't feel like doing any of the things on that list, not even the ones that I usually like doing.  I know it will all (or at least the most important stuff) get done. (deep breath)

I have so many blog posts I want to do.  I promise I'll get to them.  I've set goals for the rest of the week:

Tomorrow:  finish iPad class, probably purchase appliances for kitchen, contact possible contractors for kitchen, work on common core spreadsheets.  Dinner with friends.  :)

Thursday:  Research and contact contractors some more,  work on vocabulary files, if I don't get binders put together, I'll need to find a place to keep them.  Oh, and lunch with a friend.  :)

Friday:  More vocabulary, clean the house like crazy so hopefully next week people can come look at the kitchen.  There's no way they'll be allowed in my house until I've spent some time cleaning.  Lunch with a friend.  :)  

Saturday/Sunday:  make sure everything's ready for people to come and talk about my kitchen next week.  Family picnic on Sunday.  (Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to bring stuff for that.)

So, I'm going to cheer myself up by reminding myself of the new stuff for my kitchen.  Here's the fridge I'm choosing.

I think this is my stove, there will be a microwave above it, though.

And I can't wait to have a dish washer since mine hasn't worked for years.  I couldn't find a picture of a white one, but this looks like the one I'm getting.

Okay, that's enough for today.  I feel better just getting all that off my chest.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed and over extended?


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grade Scales and Stuff

Above graphic is copyrighted:

Hi all,

As I've been working on the common core spreadsheets (which are almost done), I've been struggling with the grading scale.  So, how do you grade things?

I can't remember exactly what it says on our report cards, but I know it's a 5 point scale.  It lists the numbers 1-5.  Next to 1 I think it says "needs support", above 3 I think it says "developing" and next to 5 I think it says "proficient".  This is not quite the same as the standardized test ladder used here, which I think goes: below basic, basic, above basic and (I think) proficient.  This is one I'm not an expert at because our first graders don't take the same test.

 My first grade team decided to just adapt the old A,B,C,D,F percentages to the numbers and that's how we've been doing grades.  In many ways, I hate grades.  I'd rather report on student growth rather than percentages, but it is what it is.

So, how do I put grades in?  For big projects and writing, I usually use a rubric grid and try to make the final total 20 or 25, so it can easily be converted to a percentage for a grade.  For other things I go with a straight percentage of right/possible.

I'm going to try something new and hope it works.  I'm hoping I created a button below and I'm going to try a linky party.  So, please link up and tell us as much or as little as you want about how you grade!

And here's hoping I got this all right!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Technology Fun

Today was Day 2 of my iPad class!  I have learned an overwhelming amount of stuff, so I'm going to try and put the biggest highlights here so if nothing else, I'll have a place to review it.  But I really hope it's helpful to some of you out there.

I used educreations to make a new video.  This one is something I think is very important:  How to put your identifying information on the lock screen of your iPad.  This is very useful especially if you have a lock code and your iPad is lost.  The sound on this has some issues--I've learned that it's hard to hold the ipad, talk, and tap without covering the microphone.  Next time, I'll have it set down in front of me.  Anyhow, here's the video which explains how to make that lock screen.  If you have any questions, give me a comment below and I'll try to help you out.  By the way, to do what's in the video, you'll want to download the free app skitch.

This next thing is mostly useful if you have a lot of devices, but can be used with computers, as well as iPads and other gadgets.  It's called TodaysMeet.  You can set up a room and tell your students the name of the room.  It's that simple. You and students can type chat back and forth.  Here's a picture of what it looks like once you're in the room.  
Students type their name in the blue box, then click join.  A box comes up for them to type their message and submit it. Then over in the listen box you can see what everyone is saying.  I typed in a question so you can see what it looks like when something is in the listen box.  

Another web resource that is wonderful is  This is a picture sharing site.  The nice thing about this (and the way it relates to iPads) is you get an e-mail address (and you can create one that's easy for the kids).  The kids e-mail pictures to that address to get it up on the website.  It's a very easy way to get pictures up and share without the need for connecting the iPad to the computer.  It can be as simple as "take a picture of your friend showing 53 items, and send it to yogile."  Have different kids do different numbers and then show the images to the class and have them count.

Have I overwhelmed you, yet?  I hope not.  Just a few more things.  The next is a way to create and use QR codes.  You can go to  Choose whatever information you want people to get.  My example below will send you to my class's website.  If you have one of the many QR code scanners, you can scan the code below and it will direct you to my website.  I think I might put this on newsletters, and maybe even outside our classroom door.  

Another use that my teacher mentioned was to have students use fotobabble to describe their artwork, then use QR codes to link the their fotobabble so people can scan the QR codes to listen to the student talk about their piece.

And finally, here are some apps I'm hoping to use with my students for next year.

Mathopolis costs 99 cents, but it's very engaging.  Students answer facts fast to put out the fires.

Lunch Rush is a free app through pbs.  You print out QR codes and kids scan the answers to math facts.  This one looks so fun, and it gets the kids up and moving.  This one would work better if you have more than one device, but I  might just try it anyway.

Finally, is a wonderful search engine for looking for apps, and not just for iPads.  It should help you on your great app searches.  

Okay, that might be enough iPad stuff for a few days.  I have another class next week, so I'll probably have new wisdom to share with you then.  Please let me know if you have any questions about anything, I love to help and will if I can.  

Thanks for hanging in there until the very end.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 1 of the ipad class

Wow!  I've learned a lot today.  I'll start with this little item I just created: (you might want your sound turned on for this).

I hope it really works.  It's a narrated picture of an app (it's also a website for your computer) called fotobabble.  I think this would be great to have students go out and take a picture of something that starts with b, then narrate something like, "I found a ball.  Ball begins with b."  There are editing tools, too.

I learned an essential skill for my ipad I didn't know:  how to make a screen capture.  It's simple, but not intuitive.  You hold down the home button and click the on/off switch fast.  The picture goes to your photos app.

I've used the four finger drag sideways, but I also learned the four finger drag up to see active apps.  I've just been clicking the home key twice.

Another new app that I love is called educreations.  Here is my very basic and far from perfect quickie lesson.  How to write a lower case a  I can see adding all kinds of things on here.  Right now I think it would come in really handy as a homework helper.  You can take a photo of the homework page or problem and talk through it.

I found a few apps that I might be wanting to get, too.  I'll save the list of apps for posting tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My First Freebie!


I have created my first freebie for tpt!  It's a beginning of the year assessment for first grade math and reading.  You can get it at my teachers pay teachers store.  Here's what a couple of the pages look like.  Please leave me some feedback if you use this.

I am off to an iPad class tomorrow and Tuesday, so you'll probably be hearing some tech stuff in the next day or two.  

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two Posts in One Day!

So, I've been playing around with learning a little more about blogging and added a few buttons.  And then as I was wandering around researching on the web, I found a linky party.  I think I might have figured out how to do it.  I hope.  So here is my first attempt at it.

4. Don't expect perfection from yourself or anyone else.  Instead, just do the best you can in the situation you're in.

5. Take time off to enjoy life.

6. Utilize the wonderful resources available to you on the web.  All the teacher blogs, pinterest, and other websites like whole brain teaching are full of great ideas that will help you grow and learn.

7.  Enjoy a profession that allows for creativity, and is always changing.  Even the same lesson is never the same with different classes.

Thanks to Deb at Fabulously First for hosting this linky party.  One day I'll learn how to put the link in with the graphics.


On Target for Next Year


I'm into the double digits of followers!  Sadly, I'm not good enough at making stuff to have any freebies for people yet.  I'll see what I can come up with, though.

The other day I went to Target and visited the $1 area.  I found these:
Target Goodies
The bookmarks are self-explanatory, but the little koosh-like balls tickled my fancy.  Now I probably read this somewhere on the internet, because I don't think I come up with very many of my own completely original ideas.  I decided to get six different colors because I usually have six table groups.  And my small groups usually have six or fewer kids.  Now how are these little balls educational?  The kids can throw them at an answer written on a board, or on a mat with the answers that's just put on the floor.  I think it would be a fun way to review sight words, math facts, or any single answer item.

Another way of using them is to have the kids in teams.  Have a target on the floor.  The kid who throws theirs closest to the bullseye gets to answer the question.  This makes it so you can ask more complex questions that don't require a single answer.  Love those Higher Order Thinking Skills!

I can't wait to try this out next year!!!

Secondly, thanks to Heidi at Heidisongs, who posted on her facebook page my plea for help, I now have three volunteers to look over my spreadsheets!  I'll be working on finishing them up this week, but I have an ipad class for 2 days on Monday and Tuesday, so we'll see how things go.

Finally, and totally on a personal note, I went to a handbell conference a couple of weeks ago.  It was so much fun and I can't believe how much I learned!  I thought I would include some pictures of the pretty bells all laid out and ready to go before us pesky ringers messed them all up.

This is from the bass bell side.
This one is from the treble bell side, and it has chimes as well. 
For any of you who are curious, I play treble bells and am learning how to play "four in hand" which is really two bells in each hand criss-crossed like in the picture.

Thanks for reading!  Thanks for getting me to double digit followers!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Help Wanted

I have created some powerpoints to help track student progress on the common core standards in language arts and math.  I'm hoping to make this my first item for sale on  I am looking for one or two first grade teachers who would like to test them out for me.  You will get to keep the end results for free.  If you're interested, just let me know in the comments below.


Monday, July 2, 2012



It seems like everywhere I look I find inspiration and new ideas for next year.  Last spring I read The Daily Five and though I can't fit it all in with the reading program I am required to teach, I've decided to at least do read to self, and possibly read with a friend.

Then I found Teacher Tipster's website and started watching some of his amazing (and somewhat wacky at times) videos.  He does a finished work binder with sheet protectors.  I'm going to use that idea next year.  I can't decide whether to use his one breath boxes or the excellent Whole Brain Teaching Super Speed 100 stuff.  Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of Whole Brain Teaching, I began incorporating some of their management system into my teaching last year.  I had used 1,2,3 eyes on me forever, but once I got used to class/yes, I found it easier and much more effective.

Of course I steal borrow great ideas from teachers all over the place.  I discovered teacher blogs through pinterest.  I have several boards there.  The ones pertaining to teaching are listed below.

General Teaching Stuff
Language Arts
Science and Social Studies
Arts and Crafts (includes music)
Teaching with Technology
This one isn't all teaching, but it's pinterest stuff I've tried
And one more:  Educational Videos which are some videos for students to watch, and others for me to watch good teachers teach.

You may notice I have a . before each of my teacher board's name.  I did this because I pin most often to my teacher boards and I wanted them to come up at the beginning of the list so I didn't have to scroll down so much.  This way they're always at the top.

Well, I think that's enough for today.  I'll try to get some pictures going again soon.