Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've over-extended myself


I've got too many projects in the air.  Does this ever happen to you?  I'm afraid I'm going to forget about something important.  And worst of all, I've neglected my blog.  Part of that is because my computer has been back to the computer hospital with a case of blue-screen-of-death-itis.  Hopefully,  it's all better now.

So, I have several projects going on that I'm going to make it my goal to finish soon:

  • My second iPad class (and 4th class of the summer) ends tomorrow.  4 semester hours accrued this summer.
  • I'm making vocabulary word wall cards for my school district.  I've been working on this one since May.  When they're done I'll post them on Tpt for free.  I'm finishing up "tag alongs" (prepositional phrases, time and place words) and have adjectives left.  I already finished nouns and verbs.  This is only the small cards.  Then I have to copy and enlarge them to make them  word wall sized.  (The small cards will go in centers.)
  • I'm working on a common core spreadsheet for first grade.  I got some feedback from some people and just need to edit it a little more and then figure out how much to charge and try selling something on tpt.  Wish me luck.  
  • I'm making "I'm finished" binders for my kids for next year.  I have stuffed over 600 pages in sheet protectors, but still need to put them in binders, and still have more papers to copy and stuff.  Boy, I hope this new thing is worth all the work and money I've put into it.
  • I'm trying to create a new job bulletin board and way of managing them.  Haven't even started on this.
  • Oh, and did I mention I'm trying to plan for and get my kitchen remodeled?  
I've hit my limit today.  I know I have because I don't feel like doing any of the things on that list, not even the ones that I usually like doing.  I know it will all (or at least the most important stuff) get done. (deep breath)

I have so many blog posts I want to do.  I promise I'll get to them.  I've set goals for the rest of the week:

Tomorrow:  finish iPad class, probably purchase appliances for kitchen, contact possible contractors for kitchen, work on common core spreadsheets.  Dinner with friends.  :)

Thursday:  Research and contact contractors some more,  work on vocabulary files, if I don't get binders put together, I'll need to find a place to keep them.  Oh, and lunch with a friend.  :)

Friday:  More vocabulary, clean the house like crazy so hopefully next week people can come look at the kitchen.  There's no way they'll be allowed in my house until I've spent some time cleaning.  Lunch with a friend.  :)  

Saturday/Sunday:  make sure everything's ready for people to come and talk about my kitchen next week.  Family picnic on Sunday.  (Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to bring stuff for that.)

So, I'm going to cheer myself up by reminding myself of the new stuff for my kitchen.  Here's the fridge I'm choosing.

I think this is my stove, there will be a microwave above it, though.

And I can't wait to have a dish washer since mine hasn't worked for years.  I couldn't find a picture of a white one, but this looks like the one I'm getting.

Okay, that's enough for today.  I feel better just getting all that off my chest.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed and over extended?



  1. First of all, I LOVE that you are blogging, Joell! Bravo for that! Don't feel that you've neglected the blogging... I give you kudos for doing what you've been able to in that regard.

    Secondly, when feeling overwhelmed and over extended, I find what works best for me is putting those things on paper and making a list! And that's what you've done here, today!
    Whenever I've written the clutter of my life down on paper, I find that I sleep really, really well! I think it releases all that drama from the mind and allows the mind to rest!

    So, here's hoping you have a really restful, wonderful night's sleep, my dear!
    And by the way, the kitchen appliances look awesome :)

    ~Vanessa (Not sure the sign-in thingie will work)

    1. Nessa,

      The sign in thingy did work! Thanks for your kind words. I love it that we do the same thing. I did have some trouble sleeping last night, but that's not unusual for me. I'm feeling a little better today. Just having a plan of attack is helping.


  2. WOW! I am tired just reading all that you have going on. I am excited to see your vocabulary cards. =)

    Take some breaks and treat yourself to something special....you deserve it and then you'll be refreshed and ready to get back to what you are working on. =)


    Heather's Heart

    1. Heather,

      Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully, I'll get the vocab stuff done soon.

      I'm hoping my lunches and dinners with friends will be enough of a break.



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