Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 1 of the ipad class

Wow!  I've learned a lot today.  I'll start with this little item I just created: (you might want your sound turned on for this).

I hope it really works.  It's a narrated picture of an app (it's also a website for your computer) called fotobabble.  I think this would be great to have students go out and take a picture of something that starts with b, then narrate something like, "I found a ball.  Ball begins with b."  There are editing tools, too.

I learned an essential skill for my ipad I didn't know:  how to make a screen capture.  It's simple, but not intuitive.  You hold down the home button and click the on/off switch fast.  The picture goes to your photos app.

I've used the four finger drag sideways, but I also learned the four finger drag up to see active apps.  I've just been clicking the home key twice.

Another new app that I love is called educreations.  Here is my very basic and far from perfect quickie lesson.  How to write a lower case a  I can see adding all kinds of things on here.  Right now I think it would come in really handy as a homework helper.  You can take a photo of the homework page or problem and talk through it.

I found a few apps that I might be wanting to get, too.  I'll save the list of apps for posting tomorrow.

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