Thursday, August 9, 2012

Copy, laminate, cut, file, repeat...

The title of this post is the story of my life lately.  You know all those free vocabulary cards I made? Well, now I have to copy, laminate, cut and file all of them.  I'm staying away from any creativity or brain work for a couple of days in the hopes it will help my stress level go down a bit.

So here's my cutting project in pictures.

These are the large word wall cards.  They are all laminated, cut, and filed away ready to go.  I used paint strips as separators.

So now I'm doing the little cards.  I've finished the back to school unit.  15 sets of all nouns.

Each set is in a small snack sized baggy, all of the back to school unit cards are in the big bag.  I'll have a big bag for every unit.  (There are 11)

Here are the piles of things that are laminated and waiting to be cut.

This is the BIG pile that just got laminated today.  It's about 8 inches high.  *sigh*

And of course, here's the cat "helping".
I love how she sits right where I need to be in order to cut.  :)

Tomorrow I'll be hanging around home and continuing the mental break.  And cutting, cutting, cutting.  

By the way, in my rant yesterday I whined a little bit about working with my team.  I want to clarify that I absolutely love my team and work with some of the most awesome first grade teachers ever!  Our styles aren't exactly the same, but we all teach the kids well.  I know I wouldn't be able to do this without them, and they are the main reason I've stayed in what I think is an incredibly difficult situation for so long.  I'm so glad to be able to work with them.



  1. You are doing awesome. I got the nouns and verbs laminated and I was able to cut a few of them. BTW I think I work with an incredible team too! Enjoy your mental break!

    1. Happy cutting, Christine! And now you see how I decided to organize. I hope it works. I already feel better just knowing I have a mental break. LOL Mental break? That sounds like I've gone on a vacation from reality.

  2. I *so* wish I was there to help you. <3

    1. If you were here, Jenni, we'd be out having fun, not cutting up vocabulary cards. :) But I appreciate the sentiment.


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