Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Things I'll Miss About Summer Linky

Hi all,

I worked all day today, but didn't take any pictures.  So I'm joining in on this linky. From Joy of Kindergarten.

1.  I'll be surprised if this isn't a popular one...
Sleeping in late or taking naps whenever I want.
2. Not being interrupted all the time.
"Can I go to the bathroom?"  
3. Being able to relax because I'm not responsible for the education and well-being of lots of little ones.
The kitty was too cute to pass up.
4. Going out to lunch with friends and family members on weekdays.
You mean we have more than 5 minutes and don't have to eat on the run???
5.  This goes along with #1.  Staying up late.
Love this picture!

So there ya go.  I'll try and get some pictures taken tomorrow so I'll have something to post.



  1. OMG, love that kitten. That will be me at noon on the first day of school if I don't get used to going to bed early. I'll be holding my eyes open with toothpicks. Thanks for linking up! Have an awesome year!!

    :) Nancy

    Joy of Kindergarten

    1. Thanks for hosting the linky, Nancy. I'm finally starting to fall asleep a little earlier, but it's still too late for school life. Good luck to you.


  2. When *does* school start for you, sweetie?

    1. August 27th. We have meetings all day on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is a work day. Thursday is conferences. Friday is supposedly a day off. I'll probably wind up working free like I have all summer.


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