Monday, April 9, 2012

Planting Day!

Today was an exciting day! We started our day by making observations (and reviewing adjectives) while we explored lima beans. The kids got to feel dry, uncooked lima beans and describe them using adjectives. Then, I presented them with lima beans that have been soaked overnight tricked into growing by being nuked in water for 3 minutes, and sitting out for an hour or so. Each student got a lima bean and used more adjectives to describe it now that the seed was "awakened." We opened the bean and found the three parts of a seed: seed coat, food, and embryo. We discussed what a seed needs to "wake up" or germinate: water, air, and heat. Then we were ready to try planting our brassica rapa seeds. Here are a few pictures of the planting.
The students wrote in their journals, but I was so busy with the planting I didn't get any pictures. I'll post some pictures of journals on a later post. Joell

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