Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Popping Adjectives and Plants


It has been a very busy week.  Next week will be even busier as I prepare to go to the Plain Talk About Reading conference in New Orleans.  I look forward to the conference, but not so much the sub plans for 3 days.

I wanted to follow up on a couple of our projects.  We finished our Popping with Adjectives stuff this week.

The students worked in groups to sort the verbs and adjectives.  This will eventually be a center for the kids to do individually.

Students loved making these popcorn bags and choosing adjectives to describe popcorn.
Here's the display that went up in the hall.  I think it looks great!

Plant Progress

We also worked on our plants this week.  The students continued to log plant activity such as watering.  We added measurement into the mix.  They loved using their rulers to measure their biggest and smallest plants.

This is one of our biggest plants so far.  It has its true leaves.

This is more of the average sized plants we had on Friday.

We learned about the jobs of the various parts of the plant.  Our plants are supposed to have some flowers on them this week.  If that happens, we will be pollinating them.  This is a very exciting (and scary for some) day because we use dehydrated bees to "buzz" from flower to flower and cross pollinate the plants.  

Thanks to anyone who is reading this.  I think I need to make some freebies or something to start getting some readers.  I'd love suggestions.



  1. I wish we did cool stuff like this when *I* was in first grade! :D


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