Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flexibily, Earthquakes, and Fun with Adjectives

Today was a crazy-busy day.  Our library time was changed 4 times in the last 2 days.  We finally got it figured out.  It was a lesson in flexibility, which isn't easy for me.  I like to have my plans for the day and everything to go when it's supposed to go.

We also had a state-wide earthquake drill today.  My kids did really well.  I didn't have any freak outs and we evacuated in our fastest time ever.  I really hope I never have to deal with a major earthquake when I'm teaching.  I know I'd do okay if I had to, but I'd rather not have to!

The best part of today, though, was using Babbling Abby's Let's Get Poppin' with Adjectives stuff from TpT.  I'm going to try to put her blog link here.  I hope it works.  If it doesn't work and you know how to do this on blogger, I'd love some help.  :)

So, first of all, the kids got to wonder why I was hauling a microwave into our classroom.  That was fun.  Hehehe!  I gave them each a piece of paper and told them to write adjectives that describe popcorn while they smelled and listened to it popping.  Then when the popping was over, each table got a bag of popcorn.  I used this really cool popcorn from Orville Redenbacher that pops in a bowl to begin with.  

The students got to eat their popcorn and were prompted to write more adjectives.  What does it taste like?  How does it feel in your mouth?  How does it feel in your hands?  Here's a couple of the kids' lists.
It smells yummy.  It tastes awesome.  It sounds poppy.  It looks good.  It feels crumbly.

good, butter, yummy, round, fat, poppy, crunchy, oily, salty, slippery, (bubbly?), yellow, cheesy

We used the individual lists to create large popcorn pieces to go on our anchor chart.  

Between earthquake drills, changed library times, and a few other mishaps, this is all we got done today.  Tomorrow they will do centers with popcorn adjectives and verbs.  Then they will make their very own popcorn bags with adjectives to go up on the wall around our big chart.  I'll get a picture of that up as soon as I can.  Thanks again to Babbling Abby for the wonderful resource.  I was excited by some of the adjectives my students brainstormed.

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