Monday, December 17, 2012

The Final Stretch

Hi all,

I have 4 days this week.  I don't know about you, but my students are very antsy.  My solution to this is to give them lots of chances to do something physical (Heidisongs, Fetch's Lunch Rush, etc.) and to stick as much as possible to the routine for as long as I can.

One of the fun things we'll be doing this week is the Christmas Sing.  In the morning we all go in the gym and sit in a circle.  Each grade level sings two songs to the rest.  At the end the whole school sings a song about peace.  That afternoon we sing for the parents.  Our first grade is singing a cute song called Ichabod Elf.  It's about Santa's tattle tale elf named Ichabod.  The second song we do is the first verse of Silent Night.  I teach the students the words in sign language and they sign the song.  Silent Night has become a first grade tradition.  We can't not do it.

My students will be finishing up their gifts for parents and wrapping them.  We'll have our regular math and reading blocks and continue with our Holidays Around the World unit.  Hopefully, we'll manage to make it to Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Sweden.  It's so hard to fit everything in this time of year.

I haven't decided what if anything we'll do about the Sandy Hook tragedy.  I have a few things mentally prepared, but I'm making the decisions on the fly based on how my students are handling it.  I know I'll be more thankful for every one of their toothless grins today.


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  1. That sounds like such a nice presentation-love the Silent Night in sign language-I bet that's beautiful! :)



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