Tuesday, December 18, 2012



It's what I call the Christmas Crazies time of year.  The kids are wound up. We are all anxiously awaiting Christmas break.

Each week my class learns about a particular value.  This week's value, to go along with the season, is generosity.  I love it when students exhibit these values or use the vocabulary of them in my classroom.

Today we went to a reward activity.  All of my students except for one earned the activity, which turned out to be icing cookies and then eating them.  I reminded the child who didn't earn the reward why she wasn't getting to participate, and thanked her for being a good sport about it.  It was easy to tell she was upset, but she accepted the consequence.

One of my other students saw how upset she was and quietly came up to me (so no one else would hear) and asked if she could give some of her cookie to the little girl that lost the reward.

What a sweet and thoughtful thing.  It may just be part of a cookie, but it certainly showed a great deal of compassion and generosity.  Small acts of kindness sometimes mean more than great deeds.  This one touched my heart deeply.

I'm wishing you all small moments like this during this holiday season and throughout the year.


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