Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Craziness

Hi all,

I'm going to quit making excuses and just post whenever I can.  Thankfully, I have a long, four-day weekend coming up.  Just in time to take my car whose "check engine" light turned on yesterday to the shop.  (Not at all what I planned to do, of course.)

In happy news, my kitchen which is in the  middle of a remodel is getting much closer to finished.  I have cabinets and a floor.  The counters are supposed to come tomorrow.  :)  It will be so nice to have a new kitchen, and even just a working sink!

I managed to get a few pictures of our almost finished art project.  It's a crayon resist painting.  The kids drew the jack o'lantern faces and colored them with crayon, then painted over them with orange paint.  Here are some of them as they were still sitting out to dry before the kids cut out the pumpkin shape.

That's about it for now.  Not much, but it's a post.  :)

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