Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Decor


I just wanted to share some of the Halloween decorations we've somehow managed to sneak in a few minutes to make.  (Don't get me started on the lack of time for anything but language arts and math especially in title 1 schools these days.)

We made these ghosts.  I inherited the pattern from my team years ago when I first started teaching at my school.

This one is mine.  The pattern is printed on white xerox paper. Then it is glued onto colored butcher paper. This year I let the students choose between orange, black, green and purple backs.
If you do this in your classroom, it's important to have students only put glue where they're not going to cut, or give it plenty of time for the glue to dry before they do the cutting.  I just look on the back and use a pencil to draw a line along the spiral to show them where to put the glue.

Here they are hanging from my lights.  The camera doesn't like shooting into a light. Sorry.

The kids love the spiral tail hanging down.

It's fun to see how they each decide to decorate their ghosts' faces.

You can see the colored backs better in this one.

Ghosts coming and going.  

Another angle.
On a completely different note, I spent some time this weekend playing with one of the ipod touches I got from  I'm so excited to get these into the hands of kids, but first I need to get screen covers and over the ear headphones.  If you give a mouse a cookie....


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