Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Grade Common Core

Hi all,

My state has adopted the common core standards.  I am excited to be teaching the same thing as many other teachers in other states.  Here is a resource I'm going to try out.  It has activities listed by common core standard and the pages I've seen look very cute and engaging for the kids  I really like that it's separated by standards, that makes it easy to find the pages I need.

You can preview The First Grade Common Core book and see for yourself if it's something you would like.

Are you teaching the common core standards?  How do you like it?  I'm still rather undecided other than the fact that students in most of the U.S. are learning the same thing.


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  1. Check out the First Grade Common Core Workbook with first grade common core worksheets and First Grade Common Core Activities!


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