Thursday, January 24, 2013

Place Value Fun

Hi all,

I needed to meet with my title 1 aide for a few minutes today during the time we normally have small groups for math.  We are nearing the test on general place value, so I wanted a little review.  So, at the last minute yesterday I created a form--a very simple form made on a table in word.  It had lots and lots of spaces for work. It was my hope it would keep the kids busy enough so we could talk for a few minutes and the kids would be engaged in something besides our discussion.  It worked!

So, the assignment worked out like this:  Each child was given a double die with numbers 0-9.  If you don't have these, run, don't walk to the nearest teacher supply store!  The big die's number told them how many tens to build, the small die inside told them how many ones to build.  They'd shake the dice, draw the number, then write the number.  I was surprised at how much they liked this.  And some even finished all of it!

In the future, I will use this as the first step in another game.  They'll work in pairs, roll the dice.  Each person will build their number.  Then the one with the greatest number wins that round.  Then we'll play the one with the least number wins.  Finally, I put in a spinner to determine the winner, so after they determine their numbers, they'll spin to see if the winner is the number which is greater or less.

Here's some pictures of some of the kids' work.
This little guy just finished and I asked him to leave the dice there so you could see what it looks like. 8 on the big die, 1 on the little die inside.  So he drew 8 tens and 1 one.  :)
I love it when they understand that 0 tens and 3 ones = 3 not 03.  :)
So, that's the preliminary game.  I'll try and get back with more pictures once we expand upon it.
The last picture here is of the popcorn adjective bulletin board from the popcorn activity from Babbling Abby we did.  I just  never got around to posting it.  It's hard to see, but each popcorn kernel has an adjective written on it.

That's it for now!  I hope things are going well out there in internet world!


  1. Hi Joell,

    We are in the midst of working on place value. I had never heard of the double die. I love the idea of using the dice for place value activities. I do a lot of activities using dice. I will definitely get these. Thank you so much for sharing.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  2. Mona,

    I hope you get those double dice! They are such a great way to work with place value and the kids love them. Thanks for stopping by!


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