Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Orleans Burn Out and Sales

Hi all,

I had such a great time last week at the Plain Talk About Reading conference in New Orleans.  I have all kinds of new ideas to try out in my classroom, and it was also a good review of stuff I already knew.

Of course, after the day filled with learning, we went out on the town to pig out eat and have fun.  We also took a tour of the city.  It brought home the scale of the Katrina fallout on an emotional level.  My favorite place we went to eat was Emeril's NOLA.  I tried some new (to me) foods:  mussels, oysters, and hushpuppies.
These are some of the elevators at they Hyatt Regency where we stayed.  They were a whole new way of operating an elevator.  You selected your destination floor before you summon the elevator.  On the elevator there are no floor buttons so you need to make sure you get on the right one.

I hope to get back to posting school related stuff this week.  Until then, there is a Teacher's Appreciation Week sale going on at, just use the code TAD12 when you check out for 10% off your purchase.  Many of the teachers who sell things there are also having sales, so you can get some good deals.

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