Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stuff We've Been Doing

Hi all,

I took some pictures the other day, so I'm going to share some of the things we've done this last week or so.

First, in preparation for President's Day, we used A Cupcake for the Teacher's President's Day Craftivity.  We read Abe Lincoln's Hat and brainstormed what items we might put in the hat.  I took pictures of some of the work before they added the cover over their writing.
I would put my candy and one of my barbies in and letters.  (I love her attempt at commas--at least she's trying.)
I would put frogs in it because when they ribbit it will be funny.  (I love the bloodshot eyes!)
I will put my Batman Toy and donuts and my wallet and a candy.  (He's certainly prepared.)
We did a quick Valentine's Day bug project:  Lots of hearts and they assemble them into bugs.  I was too lazy to change the yellow background paper, but they still look cute.

As a bit of a follow up of an earlier post, we have been working on number sense.  We're now working on greater than/less than. I have to say this group is catching on to it very well.  We played this game.  Each player rolls a double dice.  The large die tells the tens, the smaller tells the ones.  In a previous game they drew and wrote the number.  Now they just write their numbers.  Then they both have to agree whether the first number is > < or =.  After 10 rounds, they circle who had the greater number and count to see who won.  We played it another day with the smaller number winning.  Finally, I'll add a greater than/less than spinner to determine the winner next week.  Here's how a couple of the pages turned out.

And finally, my co-worker made the greatest bulletin board.  I had to take a picture of it.  I won't have time to do it this year, but hopefully next.

The other day we borrowed some iPads from the library and used socrative for the first time.  I loved it!  It deserves a whole 'nother post, so be watching for it soon.

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