Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break!

I am officially on Spring Break!  I told my students to be sure and read, read, read, read, read, and then...(and they all answer:  read some more!)  I hope they do, I can always tell when one of my kiddoes doesn't get his or her reading in.

So, what am I doing for Spring break?  Tomorrow, I hop on an airplane to visit my friend, Suzy, in San Diego.  We'll be painting her house, whale watching, going to Palm Springs, and just hanging out.  It'll be so great to get away, but even better to see a friend.

Thursday is getting stuff done around the house, and that evening my bell choir will be playing at church.  

Good Friday is the day I schedule to be as lazy as I want.  

Saturday is the day I get everything I put off done.

And Sunday I play bells at all three church services.  We are playing some really cool songs, and I can't wait!

When we go back to school on Monday, the kids will be so excited because it's the day we will plant our seeds!  I'm switching back and forth between water and plants for the next few weeks.  So I'll probably post a lot of science stuff, just because I think it's the most fun thing we're doing.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.  

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